A Foundation of Focused Commitment

Rocket AV was founded, with a vision to provide a unique, customer-focused approach to servicing you and your events.    

With over 40 years of combined experience, ROCKET AV has the extensive technical and operational knowledge as it relates to event solutions and making sure that they produce the expected results.  We also understand that you have many other vendors available that have this technical foundation as well. 


What sets ROCKET AV apart is that we do not waiver on our commitment to you, your vision, and your success.  There are many larger AV companies with a greater footprint that are striving to be the global leaders in production. After working for many years with the global leaders we found that internal distractions and goals outweighed the simple yet paramount aim of the customer and each and every event.

ROCKET AV achieves goals with unlimited commitment to honesty, integrity, and a genuine desire to put our customers first by exceeding your expectations.

Make the choice to reach out to ROCKET AV today to plan your event.  Let us work with you to prepare your event from start to finish while you stress less and rest assured that you are the focus!



Your message is SEEN

Screens, Screens, Projectors, LED Walls, Monitors as well as the playback components are used to display your content and message.  Stage lighting, themed colored lighting, and scenic set pieces add to the excitement as well as grab and keep the attention of your attendees.  All elements play major rolls delivering a visual experience for your audience!

Your message is HEARD

Sound Systems, custom tailored to your event space and audience allow each attendee to keep their focus on the message being delivered as well as minimize the distractions.  We use the sound system along with other audio components such as playback devices and microphones to engage your audience and make sure that your message is heard!

Your message REMEMBERED

By using audience engagement offerings such as audience polling, live question and answer, event surveys , games and more will have the audience stay engaged and learning.  Interactive audience engagement will make sure that your event and message is remembered.

Your message LIVES ON

Recording equipment including video cameras, audio recording devices and more will extend the life of your event and message.  These offerings will ensure that you maximize the return on your investment of meeting and allow your message to live on!



Going the extra mile

I don’t write many recommendations but I had to take the time to write one for Stuart.  I have been working with Stuart off and on for many years.  Each and every time I have had a positive experience because Stuart goes the extra mile and always does it with a great attitude!  His customer service skills are excellent and he never makes me feel as if I am asking too much.  I truly appreciate working with him and recommend him highly! 


Jane V – Dell, Inc.

Provide the best experience

Stuart performed as my teammate and consultant for several years coordinating the audio visual requirements for an annual fundraising luncheon.  My responsibility was to hire, manage, and ensure that we had a successful presentation for the best value.  Stuart was always the consummate professional., always meeting deadlines and requirements while offering suggestions on technology and budgeting in order to provide the best experience.  His leadership of his team was ever present which created a very pleasant experience overall. 


Jim H – Hill and Wilkinson

Going the extra mile

I highly recommend partnering with Stuart for your event audio visual needs!  I have been fortunate to collaborate with Stuart for many events.  He has always provide me and my high profile clients with unparalleled, customer-focused service!  They are high profile, nationally-webcasted conferences where everything is vital, down to the last minute details. 


Stuart is a great communicator, who has been an ambassador for our event av needs.  He is a key person in the planning for our conferences, helping to make sure that our events do not fail.  For more than 20 years, Stuart has aquired great knowledge in technology and how important it is in getting our message across to our client’s conference attendees and their remote viewers. 


More importantly, he has shown an absolute necessity to keep my company and our client’s events at the forefront of all that he does.  Stuart will do the same for you!  Stuart’s experience, customer-centric approach and attention to detail make him a superior professional partner for all of your av needs! 


Darryl - Netbriefings



Stuart Wood

(mobile)  214-738-4651


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